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martes, 21 de julio de 2015

Tercer Turno 2015 - Presentación Grupo 2


Yesterday, after we got up and had breakfast, we got dressed in order to go to the village to the Roman Market. After walking thirty minutes, we arrived at the village and we bought a lot of things like earrings, necklaces, food... After that we returned to the camp, we went to the swimming-pool to get refreshed and we had lunch (salad and chicken).
During  the crafts, we played 'Scatergories' with all the groups and we learnt to 'escanciar sidra'. We had fun trying it.
In the afternoon, we had a picnic and we played the 'gymkhana guarra', although we had fun, we would like to get more dirty. After the shower, we had dinner (fish soup and 'flamenquitos'). 
And finally, at night, we played 'catch the beast'. We searched for beasts everywhere but we couldn't find them. We really had fun and we would like to have more days like this.


1. How many years have you been in the camp as a monitor?

This is my second year as a monitor, and I hope I will be more years because I love it.

2. Do you still want to be a monitor? Why?

Yes, I want to because I have fun and I deal with new children and with my boys from the football team that I trained at school this year.

3. Do you study? What?

Yes, I study at the University of Oviedo and I study business administration because I want to work in a enterprise.

4. What is your favorite activity in the camp?

My favorite activity is the swimming-pool because I need to refresh because of the hot. I also like it because I play with the children and they have fun with me.

5. Do you like the food here?

Yes, I do. But the only problem is that I don't like fish and vegetables and I have to eat everything.

6. Are you going to study in Spain next year?

No, I'm going to Helsinki with a beca called 'Erasmus' in order to study the same there in English.

7. What is your favorite kind of music?

I like all kind of music but when I go out with my friends, I like pop music.

8. Why did you decide to be a monitor?

Because I liked the camp when I was a child and I wanted to keep coming here and make the children have fun with me.

9. Who was your favorite teacher at secondary?

My favorite teacher was Michel, he was awesome and we used to have fun with him always.


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