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lunes, 20 de julio de 2015

Tercer Turno 2015 - Presentación Grupo 1

Summary - Day 1

Hello, we are the group number one and we are going to tell you about the first day of the camp.

We went by bus with a lot of friends, thinking about having fun.

When we arrived to the camp we were very excited and they split us up in our rooms.

Then we had swimming pool time, and we had lunch. At the afternoon, we made t-shirts with paint and the posters of our rooms.

And then, we had swimming pool time again, we had a shower and we went to have dinner.

At night, before going to sleep we had a very fun welcome Hawaiian party.

We never want to leave this camp.

Kisses to our families.

Interview - Claudia Sintes

1. How old are you?
I'm 21 years old.

2. What are you studying?
I'm studying Law and Business in Madrid. This year, I'm going to start my fourth year.

3. How many years have you been as a monitor?
This is my fifth year.

4. Why do people call you Dori?
Because I love Doritos.

5. Which game do you like the most?
I really like furor.


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