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miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015

Tercer Turno 2015 - Presentación Grupo 3


Today, after waking up at 9:30 with the rhythm of the music that group 2 chose for us, we went to have breakfast. After breakfast and getting ready for the morning activities we got to know that it was time for us to go horse riding and to go climbing. 

For lunch we had rice and meat with chips.

The first activities of the afternoon we had to choose a movie to represent a scene of it and then take a picture. The movie that we chose was to was "Los Pitufos" so we all had to paint ourselves with blue.

After a little snack, we had the water gymkana which was really fun.

For dinner we had green peas with ham, meat with ham and cheese with salad and finally, ice-cream.

The night game was "The hunt of the elephant". We didn't have much luck so we didn't win. We sure will next time!!!


1.When you were a child, have you ever been to the camp?

Yes, since I was 12 years old, and then I kept coming every year.

2.Who is your best friend in the camp?

My best friend in the camp is Alba, she's also my friend in Gijón too.

3.How many languages do you speak?

I speak Spanish, english and french.

4.How many years did you came to the camp?

I've been in the camp five years as a child, and as a monitor this is my 2nd year.

5.Why did you came to the camp?

Because my friends came before me and they used to have fun and then I decided to come, it was a good idea!

6.Would you like to come to the camp next year?

Yes, I would like. I want to come in the same turn.

7. What degree are you studying?

I'm studying marketing at the University of Oviedo.


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