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martes, 22 de julio de 2014

Tercer Turno | Campamento 2.0 - Grupo 4

Interview to Ruben
  • How many years have you been working as a monitor?
    • Two years
  • How many years have you been coming to the camp?
    • Two years coming as a monitor and two coming as a kid
  • Why did you become a monitor?
    • Because I enjoy children
  • Have you got a girlfriend? What’s her name?
    • Yes, her name is Sabela
  • What’s was your favourite experience in the camp?
    • The explorer games
  • What was the worst experience in the camp? 
    • There isn't a bad experience
  • What are you studying?
    • I'm studying to be a teacher of primary school 
Interview to Irene
  • What are you studying?
    • Physiotherapy
  • Which are your hobbies?
    • I enjoy going out with my friends, listening music and coming to the camp.
  • What is your favourite sport?
    • Volleyball and football
  • Have you got any brothers or sisters?
    • Yes, one brother, his name is Pablo
  • Why do you come to the camp?
    • Because I have fun spending time with children
  • What do you want to be in the future?
    • I hope to be a sports doctor


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