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jueves, 3 de julio de 2014

Primer Turno | Día 4 - Crónica grupo C

Hello! We are the C group and we are going to tell you what we have done today
Primero nos levantamos y fuimos a desayunar, despues de lavarnos los dientes, hicimos la actividad de multiaventura y tiro con arco y volley
Some of us went to the swimming pool and then  we dressed up and we went to have lunch
Despues de comer hicimos un marco de fotos con pinzas que luego pintamos
At the afternoon we played a very funny game called “El Rastreo”
Nos duchamos, cenamos y por ultimo jugamos a “La Jungla” , donde teniamos que buscar animales. Y ganamos!!

Nos vemos pronto

1.How old are you?
- I´m 18
2. What is your favourite colour?
- My favourite colour is grey or green
3.What are you doing in your free time?
- I play basketball
4.What is your favourite sport?
- My favourite sport is basket
5.Do you like go to the circus?
- Yes, I really like it, there are a lot of lions and tigers
6.Do you like Phineas and Pherb?
- Yes, because they are very funny
7.You are really tall so, are you a player of the NBA?

- Not yet but, who knows in the future


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