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viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Crónica Grupo 2 - Día 6 - Tercer Turno

Hello, we are group 2 and we are Cecilia Millares, Covadonga Suarez-Saro, Paula Rodríguez, María Nicieza, Laina Covián, Carmen Lana, Nicolás Fernández Gil, Juan de la Puente, Guillermo Vergara, Alejando Rancaño and Alexis Rodríguez.

The second day in the forest was amazing.
We got up at half past eight and we had breakfast, milk with cocoa and cookies. 
We began to walk at half past ten, we sang a lot of songs in the way, we made a stop at the river and, later when we were dry, we began to walk again.
We made a mistake, but finally we stopped in a recreational area to eat.
After the lunch, we played “Meet your stuff” we made two groups and we answer the questions about our stuffs.
Later, we had snack and we began to walk again through a straight way.
In the way, we arrived at Valcabadillo in another recreational area.
We had for dinner a sausages sandwich and then we played the game “The contrabandist “it was very funny. It consists to pass things like macaroni or washers through the police or a control.
When the game was finished, we went to sleep.

Interview to Diego
  • Why did you become stuff?
    • Because I like the activities that we do in the camp and I like children
  • How many years have you been in the camp?
    • Like a children 10. Like a stuff 4.
  • Which is your favorite activity?
    • My favorite activity is the swimming pool and the horror night
  • What do you prefer: Saldaña or Santibañez? Why?
    • I prefer Santibañez because I had been 13 years and this is something that I can´t forget.
  • How many years do you want to come to Saldaña´s camp?
    • Until I can
  • Do you think the camp is going to be in Saldaña the next year? Why?
    • Yes, because the can do a lot of activities .


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