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viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Crónica Grupo 1 - Día 5 - Tercer Turno

Hello. We are group one, made up of: Marta Santos, Emma Álvarez, Gillermo Moran, Irene Rodrigo, Paula Noriega, Lola Urbieta, Julia Rodrigez and Gonçalo Villar. And we are going to tell what we have done on the first day of the camping (23 rd July).

In the morning we went to the multy adventure park and we climb and we had fun. Later we went fishing. We fished lots of fish.
After having lunch we made the bags for the trip. Then we walked two hours and a half, under a strong sun, it was very tiring. We stopped in a forest to have a break and drink some water.
We continued walking and we had to cross a pool of mud. Ten minutes later we arrived at a small field that some minutes later was full of tents.
We had dinner and then we played some games at night. There were lots of mosquitoes. At last we went to bed because we were very tired.

  • Why did you decided to become a leisure time monitor?
    • Because I love children
  • Which is you favourite activity in the camp?
    • My favourite activity is the “Druida”
  • Is there any relation between your studies and being monitor?
    • I study in order to be a teacher and I will be a lot of time with children like in the camp
  • Did you enjoy the excursion?
    • I like the excursion because is a different activity
  • How many times do you fall down along a camp?
    • This camp I didn’t fall down,but in others years I fall down a lot of times
  • How long have you been a monitor?
    • This is my fourth year
  • Is there any difference between your first year and this?
    • Yes because the camp was in a different place, the camp lasted more days and we were more monitors.
  • Will you try to come again next year?
    • I hope I can return next year to spend time with children.


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