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jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Crónica del grupo 9- Día 3 - Primer Turno

Hello! We are Ignacio Sáez, Paula Artamendi, Lucía Pérez, Paula Álvarez, Rita Galindo, Álvaro Ramos, Alejandra Rodríguez, Ana Gutiérrez, Paula Valdés, Isabel Asensi, Edgar García, Sergio Suarez, Mario Capelastegui, Manu Monasterio, José Capelastegui, Manuel Bea; and all of us are group 9. Our monitors are Pelayo and Patricia.

Yesterday we woke up at 9 o´clock, and then we went to the dining hall to have breakfast at 9:30. 
After this we had free time and we prepare ourselves for the morning activity which was a walk in the forest during the first hour and at the second, we were to the climbing wall. We finished at 12, when the swimming pool time began and some people played a sport match.  At 1 o´clock boys had a shower before going to have lunch; we had paella and meat for lunch.
After a free time moment we started handcrafts at 3:15, we made the dough for a "bollo preñao".  And once again we had swimming pool time and some people played a sport match too.  At 6 o´clock we had snack and after that we played the "Treasure hunt".  At the end of this activity the girls had a shower. And before having dinner, which was at 9 o’clock, we had free time.  At night we played the "Pairs game" in which we had to find pairs of people who were hide, some pairs were Smith and Pocahontas or Piqué and Shakira.
And at the end of the day we prepare ourselves for sleeping and we went to bed.


Interview to Canal

1.       What is your really name?
- Javier
2.       How old are you?
- I am twenty four years old
3.       What are you studing?
- I am studing laws in university of Oviedo, the last year I was studing in Swedden and next year I am going to be in Poland.
4.       Why did you come to this camp?
-Because I´ve coming for six years and this one is the first that it is not in Santibañez and I wanted to try this one different.
5.       How is your height?
-I am 6,7 feet
6.       Do you have any pet?
-Yes, I have a snake
7.       What is your favourite colour?
-I don´t have favourite colour I like a mix of them


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