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martes, 12 de julio de 2016

Entrevista a monitor y cotilleos - Grupo 2


Today we interview Sergio Zapico. Hello, how are you?

- I'm fine thank you!

What would you like to study?

- Bussines Managment.

Why do you want yo be a monitor?

- I think it's a good experience to make new friends.

Which is your favourite monitor?

- Loren is my favourite monitor.

Which is your favourite hobby and which is your favourite food here?

- I like to play tennis, and my favourite food is Spanish omelette.


Some people say...

- Ana de Frutos loves A.Allende but he loves Clara.

- Somebody got up to the bathroom and when he came back, he found A.Allende hugging Sahe

- The love story between Huerta and Ines starts again

- Sahe is going to ask Clara to date him  before dinner in front of the monitors room.

- Vazquez revealed his crazy love to Maca.

- Huerta is dating Buron and Cristina at same time.


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