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martes, 28 de julio de 2015

Tercer Turno 2015- Presentación Grupo 7


Hello families!

Today has been a tough day, because we had a lot of activities. 

In the morning we had massages and before lunch, we took a shower, because at night we went to the woods to sleep in the Vivac. 
After lunch, we decorated cups, and after finishing them, we cooked them in the oven, so we could have a nice souvenir from Saldaña. 
After that , we ate something and we prepared our bag, and we went to the woods, where we had a roll for dinner and we played a lot of games before sleeping under the stars.

Interview - Alfonso

1. What's your complete name? 

My complete name is Alfonso Ramón Fuertes Bonet.

2. How many years have you been an encamped, and how many years as a monitor?

I have been 7 years as an encamped and 3 as a monitor.

3. Which activity do you like the most and which not?

The one I like the most is 'La noche del terror' and the one I don't like is 'Furor'.

4. Why did you decide to enter in the army?

Because I always wanted, and I really like their way of life.

5. Are your parents okay with your decision?

Yes, because if I'm happy, they are happy too.

6. Why are you DJ?

Because I love music.


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