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martes, 28 de julio de 2015

Tercer Turno 2015 - Presentación Grupo 6


Today we woke up at 9:30 and we went to have breakfast. After having breakfast, we brushed our teeth. Then we went to do the morning activities, first we played with balls in the swimming pool and later we learned how to do a massage. After that, we had free time until 14:30 when we started to have lunch. At 16:00 we had manual arts and we had made a dreamcatcher.
In the afternoon we played volleyball or whatever sport we wanted to do and then we played a game called "rastreo" where we had to find a clue after another. And finally, when we finished our dinner we had the horror night and everyone enjoyed it so much.

                                          INTERVIEW - LOREN

1. What are you studying at the moment? Why?

I'm studying primary school because I really like children and I would like to be a teacher.

2. What other thing would you study?

I really like physiotherapy.

3. Who is the prettiest monitor?

I think that the most beautiful monitor is Laura. 

4. Do you think you can be the "supermonitor" this year?

No, because I think Pablín will be "supermonitor".

5. Why did you decide to return here?

Because I love kids and I enjoy a lot with them.

6. What would you change in this camp?

Nothing, but I think we have to take care off the facilities.

7.Which is your favorite game? Why? 

Gymnkhana guarra, because I'm the dirtiest person in the camp.

8. Would you change this camp for other one?

No, because this camp is unique.


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