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lunes, 27 de julio de 2015

Tercer Turno 2015 - Presentación Grupo 5


On Tuesday we got up and we got ready for the trip.

During the way we stopped in the town and there we visited the market.
After that we walked until we arrived to a Roman ville called “La Olmeda”.

During the trip it was hot and sunny and we got lost, but finally we achieved our destiny and we ate in a forest all together.

After having lunch we took a rest and we went to visit the roman ville.
During the visit, we watched a little movie that told us how was the life in the ancient Rome. Then we visited the ruins of an ancient enormous house.

When we finished the visit, the weather got crazy and it started to rain very a lot, and we had to wait.

When we were coming back to the camp, it started to rain again and it was very funny walking in the rain.

In the end we arrived to the house although we were very tired.

At night, after dinner we played different games called “la estrella", "la cebolla" and "las estatuas”.

In the end we went to bed to rest for the next day.


¿ How old are you? 

I´m eighteen years old.

¿How  long have you been at the school? ¿And in the camp?

I have been at the school since I was three. I've been fifteen years. I have been only two years as an instructor. I always wanted to be one of them.

¿What children age do you prefer?

Last year I came to the first and third turn and I think that i prefer the older one.

¿What are you studying and where?

 I´m studying "Terapia ocupacional" in Oviedo.

¿ Did you come with friends? ¿Did you know the instructors here?

I sleep with my friends from Gijón but i knew the rest of the instructors since some years ago. Some of them had been my instructors and the rest where children like me. In Gijón we meet sometimes and we have a really good friendship.

¿How much time do you think you are going still coming here?

Always that I can I will come and i will have time for this on my holidays.


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