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lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

Crónica Grupo 8 - Día 2 - Tercer Turno

Hello, we are group 8 and we are Mónica Palacio, Sheila Alonso, Marina Álvarez, Lucía Argüelles, Ignacio  López-Baquero, Álvaro García, Alba Castaño, Claudia Peñayos, Carmen de la Puente, Víctor Zapico, Lucía Rivera and Cristina Arias.
Yesterday we woke up at 9 in the morning. We had breakfast at 9:30 and we ate milk, cookies and toast with butter and jelly. Then, we went for a walk around Saldaña and we played volleyball. At 12:15 we went to the pool for an hour.
Before having lunch we went fishing and we got some fishes but we had to get them back to the lake.
At 2 we had lunch: pasta, meat with french fries and fruit.
After lunch we had a little break that we used to call our parents and friends in Gijón and then in two different groups (boys and girls), we started to prepare the night activity: “Furor”.
We had some pool time again at 5 p.m. until 6. At 6 we had a little picnic and then we got back to work to complete our songs and costumes.
At 8:30 we took a shower and then we had dinner; we ate vegetables, salad,eggs with bacon and fruit.
At 11 p.m. “Furor” got started and we finished at 1 a.m.
At 1:15 we went to our cabins to sleep.

  • What turn do you prefer? THIRD
  • Do you have a boyfriend? YES, I DO
  • Who is your favorite monitor? FREDI
  • Which is your favorite film? HORROR NIGHT
  • Would you rather work or study?STUDY
  • Who do you get along better with?(About your brothers…) IVAN AND ADOLFO
  • What is your favorite sport?HANDBALL
  • How long have you been comming to the school camp? CHILD: 10 YEARS AND MONITOR: 8 YEARS
  • Are you happy with your group? YES, OF COURSE!!!!!!


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