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miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

Crónica Grupo 7 - Día 10 - Primer Turno

Crónica Grupo 7


Hello, are group seven and we are going to tell you what we did yesterday. First of all we woke up at nine o’clock. We had breakfast (biscuits, bread and milk) and we started with morning activities like “Who is Who” and archeology. We enjoyed more the second one because we found a lot of bones.
After that, the swimming pool time arrived and finally we had lunch.
The first activity in the morning was crafts, in which we did a little parachute. Then, the football final toke place and the winner team was “Los Vagabundis”. While they were playing, the rest of kids had swimming pool time again. Next, we had a little meal and we started voting different things. Then we had dinner.
After dinner, we did “Barracas” and the prices were given.
After that, we went to sleep.


- What’s  your name?
My name is Alicia  Natal
- How old are you?
I´m eighteen years old
- Have you got a boyfriend?
No, I haven´t got a boyfriend
- Have you got any brother or sister?
Yes, i´ve got a brother older than me
- What´s your brother´s name?
His name is Fernando Natal
- What´s your favourite colour?
I haven´t got any favourite color


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