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lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

Crónica grupo 6 - Día 3 - Tercer Turno

Hi, we are group six: Emilio, Viti, Luis, Allende, Huerta, Busta, Claudia, Ana, Catrina, Macarena and our pet Guantes. 
This is what we did yesterday: at nine o´clock we woke up and we had breakfast. After that, we went fishing: Maca, Catrina, Vity, Busta, Allende and Emilio fished some trout’s. Our monitor Sir. Pollo tried to fish something but he didn’t manage it. Later on, we did some archery, and we were not very good…After that we went to the swimming pool for a break and we saw some chapters of The Simpsons in english. Next we had lunch. When we finished we made some truffles and we decorated T-shirts with bleach. Later we had some free time at the swimming pool and we played a type of Gymkhana called “Uno para ganar”, where we had to do some ability games. At night we had the activity of “The house of horror”. We started at the graveyard. Busta got rapt and Maca cried one more time.

Interview: Juan Canal
  • 1.How many years have you been as a monitor?
    • I have been monitor 4 years
  • 2.Why have you got dreadlocks?
    • It´s a familiar tradition
  • 3.Have you got a girlfriend?
    • Yes
  • 4.How old are you?
    • Im 20 in this life
  • 5.Do you like children?
    • Not in a Michael Jackson way
  • 6.Who do you think is the worst monitor?
    • There isn’t
  • 7.Who do you think is the best?
    • It’s me, I’m the master
  • 8.Do you like Saldaña?
    • Yes
  • 9.Do you like multiadventure?
    • I was born for multiadventure and multifruits.
  • 10.What is your favorite sport?
    • “Capoeira”,rolling and eating some fabada ice cream at the same time.


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