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domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

Crónica Grupo 5 - Día 1 - Tercer Turno

Hello this is group 5 from Saldaña!
Yesterday we left from “Palacio de los deportes” in Gijón at quarter past nine. We got to Saldaña after almost 3 hours traveling, afterwards we went to our cabins to change our clothes and go to enjoy the swimming pool.

We had some free time before having lunch, the lunch was delicious, we had salad and meet balls with sauce and peer for dessert. In the afternoon we had two activities before having a meal, the first one was making the posters for the door of the cabin, the second activity we joined the groups and met our monitors who collect the money and cell phones and we went for a walk around the camp.

We went to the swimming pool again, taking sunbath and playing volleyball. Around 6 we had a “mazo” which is like a brownie and fruit juice.

Now it was time for the game, we were warned to use old clothes because we were going to get very dirty, the game is worldwide known as “gymkhana guarra” where we the best part was “the goalkeeper revenge”, basically we had to have mud bath. After all that dirt we received the “manguerazo” as a shower and we had some free time before super.

For dinner we had tasty garlic soup with crispy French fries and chicken wings. Now it was time to mess the monitors for them to give us the phones so we could call our daddies.

The night game was the fox hunting, some monitors where hiding around the camp and we were supposed to find and catch them.

The night was long, it was the first and nobody wanted to sleep, so we made a lot of noise and our monitors had to stay outside watching us.

And this is what happened in our first day in Saldaña.


Interviewing Ana Souto
  1. How long have you being monitor?
    1. About 10 years
  2. What do you think about being the oldest monitor in the camp?
    1. That´s a lie. I´m not the oldest monitor, just the oldest female monitor
  3. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
    1. Yes, I have a brother and a sister
  4. Why did you arrive in the camp later than the rest yesterday?
    1. Because I was working till 15.00
  5. What´s your favourite game of our camp?
    1. Gymkhana Guarra


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