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sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

Crónica Grupo 4 - Día 8 - Tercer Turno

Hello, we are group 4, and this is our chronicle about yesterday:

Yesterday in the morning we woke up at half past nine. Then we had breakfast and brushed our teeth. Later we climbed and rode a horse.
When we finished we went to the pool and played volleyball. After that we cleaned the camp.
At two o’clock we had lunch, we ate salad, meatballs and a pear for dessert.
Then we had free time and later we did cocktails and drank them.
At five o’ clock we went to the pool again and we bought sweetsat the kiosk.
Later we ate a snack and a juice.
At seven o’ clock we did a game called “treasure hunt” and in this game we had to find tracks and finally a treasure. Then it started to rain. The group 1 won the game.
After we had a shower and we had free time before having dinner. We ate soup, chicken and chips and a yoghurt.
Next day it was a friend’s birthday so we did a banner for her.
There was a storm so we danced and played all together in a room.
It was raining a lot so we slept in a building instead of in cabins like every night.

  • 1-How many years have you been being monitor?

I have been being monitor three years.
  • 2-What is your favourite thing in the camp?

My favourite thing in the camp is meeting new people, playing with them and making them
have a good time.
  • 3-Would you like to be vote as something? Why?

Yes, as the nicest monitor because it would mean that I did a good work.
  • 4-For you, which is the funniest activity?

For me, the funniest activities are night games, such as furor.
  • 5-What do you prefer Santibañez or Saldaña? Why?

It can’t be compared because in Santibañez we spent a lot of years .
  • 6-Would you like to do Itinerant or Camping? Why?

I prefer camping because I like stay in the cabins.


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