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lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

Crónica grupo 2 - Día 8 - Primer Turno

Crónica Grupo 2 - Domingo 8 de julio
Hello, we are Elisa Allende Casal, Jorge Amenedo Bango, Santiago Antuña Rendueles, Alejandro Cadenas Novoa, Diego Domínguez Sol, Alicia García Menéndez, Marta Picatoste García, Ignacio Rivero Labra, Inés Robledo Costales
Jorge Sánchez Campoamor,Eduardo Sánchez Caro y Jorge Trapiella Fernández.

Yesterday we got up at 9:00 we got dress and at 9:30 we had breakfast. Then we brush our teeth and we had free time and when we finished we started to paint a poster and at 11:15 we rehearsed songs for mass. When we finished all we went to the swimming-pool and then we had to go to eat.
Later, we had free time again and all the boys played football and girls played board games. After we had crafts where we made a paratrooper. Then we had a sweet shop time and next we went to swimming pool for second time and after ate a snack. At 18:30 the afternoon games started, it was the Olympics games.
At 20:00 the boys and girls had showers and at 20:30 we had dinner. When we finished we had free time again and later a reunion with our group. Finally we had night games.
To sum up we had a great day all together.

Hoy entrevistamos a...
Cecilia Palacio Felgueroso

- What´s your name? 
My name is Cecilia.
- How old are you? 
I´m 17 years old.
- What´s your favourite color? 
My favourite colour is yellow.
- What´s your favourite activity? 
My favourite activity is dance.
- What´s your favourite animal? 
My favourite animal is dog.
- Do you like the camp? 
Yes, I like it


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