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lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

Primer Turno 2016 - SALDAÑA'S NEWS - Grupo 1

Group 1

Guillermo Valdéz, Sergio Cabrero, Diego Fuentes, Marina Menéndez, Carla Valle y Miguel Rodríguez

Day report

Yesterday was a special day because our parents came to visit us. We went to have lunch with them, but first we went to church.
When we came back to the camp we went to the swimming-pool and then we did a gymkana with water games.
When we finished playing, we had a shower and went to have dinner. Last night we had hot-dog and fries! After, we brushed our teeth and played the night game. Then we went to sleep.

Interview to our instructors Álvaro and Celia

   What is your favourite number?
-    Álvaro: My favourite number is 4.
-    Celia: The number i like the most is the 7.

   What is your favourite animal?
-    Álvaro: I love many animals but my favourite one is the lion.
-    Celia: My favourite animal is the dolphin, i think is very cute!

   Who is your favourite monitor?
-    Álvaro: my favourite monitor is Pablo, he is very funny.
-    Celia: my favourite monitor is Ceci, she is also my group mate.

   Why did you come to the camp?
-    Álvaro: Because i like children.
-    Celia: Because i like playing with kids and its very fun.

   What do you want to be when you grow up?
-    Álvaro: I dont know yet.

-    Celia: I would like to be a diplomatic.


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