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miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016

Entrevista a monitor y cotilleos - Grupo 6


Who is the most beautiful monitor?

- Tuya is the most beautiful. 

Would you like to be famous some day?

- Yes, I'd singer.  Can´t you notice my sweet voice?

What do you think about your future?

- "Married, with 1000 fat babies", that's what Gorostidi said.

What are you studing??

- I'm studying Magistery.

If you were an athlete, what sport will you choose?

- I would choose Voleibol.


Cris Pomar is trying to break down the relationship between Felix and Claudia.

There is a romance between Inés and Huerta, she declared her love to him, but he stood uncertainly. 

Sahe is trying to use his responsability to flirt.  

Yesterday Vázquez declared to Silvia Mata.


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