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martes, 28 de julio de 2015

Tercer Turno 2015 - Presentación Grupo 9


On Monday, we got up at 9:30 as always and then we started with the morning activities: climbing, riding horses, the circus, etc.. 

After the activities, we had free time to go to the pool.

At 14:30 we went to have lunch and then we started to prepare the game of the night: "Furor", where girls and boys face to each other between songs composed by us.

During the afternoon we also had a little break to go to the pool and to have a snack.

Then, we started to make the costumes. We went dressed up as mermaids.

After having a shower we went to have dinner and we started the game, which was really tie but finally boys won. We danced like crazy and we had so much fun. What a great night!


What are you studying? 

I am doing chemistry because I love doing researches and I would also like to work in something related with health.

For how long have you been coming to the camp?

Two years as a kid and this is my second year as a monitor.

What is the best memory that you keep from the camp?

The best memory is without doubt the itinerant camp since it was a different and interesting experience, as well as fun.

Any anecdote you can tell us?

Something I won't never forget is when we got lost during the itinerant camp and we walked thought the forest for two hours at night.

Which is your favorite activity and your favorite game?

My favorite activity is doing crafts and my favorite game is the "Cluedo".  


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