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sábado, 12 de julio de 2014

Segundo Turno | Día 3 - Crónica de grupo 3

Día 3 - Grupo 3

Interview with Chapín
  • What’s your favourite sport?
    • My favourite sport is football
  • Do you have a girlfriend?
    • No, I don’t
  • Have you got a pet?
    • No I haven’t
  • Who is your best friend forever (BFF)?
    • My BFF is Arturo, the boxing boy
  • What is your favourite game?
    • My favourite game is monopoly
  • And your favourite song?
    • Hemicraneal by Estopa
Interview with Irene
  • What’s your name?
    • Irene
  • How old are you?
    • I’m 19
  • DO you have a boyfriend?
    • No, I don’t
  • Is Rivas handsome for you?
    • No, he isn’t. I don’t like him. 
  • Do you have a brother?
    • Yes, I do
  • What’s his name?
    • His name is Pablo
  • Who is your BFF?
    • My BFF is Mina
  • Who is the most handsome monitor?
    • They are Marqués and Chapín. 
  • Do you support Barça or Real Madrid?
    • I prefer Barça
  • Do you like the Camp? Why?
    • Yes, because it’s very fun coming here.
  • What’s your favourite sport?
    • My favourite sports are football and volley
  • Who is your favourite football player?
    • Xavi Hernandez. He is really handsome. 
Summary from 8th July
We woke up at 9 o’clock with music. We got dressed up and then we had breakfast. Then we brushed our teeth and we started the morning activities: Riding a horse and fishing. Then we played games in English and later we had free time at the pool. After lunch we had art class: we made a pork spine.  Then we had more free time at the pool and at the candy store. We ate a sandwich and we started a game called ‘All around the world’. We had a break for dinner and then we continued playing. When we finished we went to bed.


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